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When Kenya Go

Here is an interview with one of our very own Aussie bloke who had recently visited Kenya.

When did you visit Kenya?
I think it was around the end of January until the beginning of February

What was the weather like around that time?
It was pretty hot and dry but I think this is the best season to go.

Why is that so?
Because the animals come out of the water and therefore you get clearer views of the wildlife in Kenya. It is also the best time to go to the beach to tann.

Would you recommend going in March-May?
No i wouldn't as this is during the wet season where a lot of mosquitos are out to bite you.

How about during Easter and Christmas?
Nah mate. Unless you want to spend a lot of money, be my guest. During the holidays, accommodation prices tend to rise.

Thanks to Tim for giving us his time to share about his experience in Kenya.

Kenya Be There

Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya and the centre of attraction for business men, safari lovers and tourists who love handicrafts and other activities the city offers.

The second largest city is Mombasa. It is known for its exotic beaches and wooden carvings. It is rich with Islamic architecture which reflects the Swahili community. It is a lovely place to go to.

Kisumu is the third largest city. This is a place for wildlife lovers and is the most intriguing place to visit.

Nakuru is the fourth largest city. It is famous for not only tourism but for agriculture as well. Maize, wheat, beans, coffee and barley are crops which are commonly produced.
Here is a map of the cities in Kenya
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Kenya Profile It

This game will help you know more about the Republic of Kenya. It includes its location, climate, population, currency and other demographic features.
Visiting Kenya? Educate your children about this country before hand so they will get the most of Kenya.
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Kenya Get Around

Kenya has a lot of different kinds of transportation.If you want to visit various scenic spots, it is quite accessible. Some of the public transportation include railways, buses, cars, hitch hiking and their famous Matatus.
Matatus: this is a smaller version of buses and vans (Nissans).
As seen in the picture, people are crammed inside and you're off to your destination.
To get on a Matatus, you have to stick out your arm with your palm down and the driver will pull over to let you in if the vehicle is not too full.

Kenya railways

Here is a Kenya Bus, they are comfortable, reliable and fairly cheap. The best bus companies to use are EasyBus, CoastBus, Eldoret Express (the newest and quickest buses) and StalionBus.