Wednesday, August 12, 2009

When Kenya Go

Here is an interview with one of our very own Aussie bloke who had recently visited Kenya.

When did you visit Kenya?
I think it was around the end of January until the beginning of February

What was the weather like around that time?
It was pretty hot and dry but I think this is the best season to go.

Why is that so?
Because the animals come out of the water and therefore you get clearer views of the wildlife in Kenya. It is also the best time to go to the beach to tann.

Would you recommend going in March-May?
No i wouldn't as this is during the wet season where a lot of mosquitos are out to bite you.

How about during Easter and Christmas?
Nah mate. Unless you want to spend a lot of money, be my guest. During the holidays, accommodation prices tend to rise.

Thanks to Tim for giving us his time to share about his experience in Kenya.

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